Wednesday, 12 March 2008

photos that changed india, or the way we see it...

This post is inspired by life magazine's 'Hundred Photos that changed the world'

I wonder if any magazine had a feature on 'Photos that changed India (or the way we see it). After browsing a bit, I have put down a list of ten images:

1. Manipur Protest, August 2004

People of Manipur were incensed over the alleged rape, torture and killing of 32-year-old Manorama Devi by Assam Rifles jawans who had picked her up for questioning. Manorama's death resulted in the unprecedented protest by a dozen elderly women of Imphal who marched naked to the Assam Rifles base in the State capital. They held placards that read "Indian army rape us" and "Indian army take our flesh", and shouted such slogans as "Come and rape us all".
A shocking day for the Indian Army

2. Gujarat Riots, 2002

Another dark chapter in the Indian History. This picture says it all.

3. Indian Cricket

over the last few years Indian cricket saw some interesting events. these events not only changed the way we look at Indian cricket, but also the way we look at cricket itself.

Indian Cricket League (Rebel league)

this is where it all began...

Indian Premier League (Paisa Faikh Tamasha Dekh)

The richest cricket body in the world (BCCI) just got richer...

India's win over Australia

Invincible - no more?

4. Mayawati's win

"Brahmin Vote Helps Party of Low Caste Win in India..." - NY

Her win will have an impact on the Indian Politics for the years to come...

5. NANO - Tata, January 2008

World's cheapest car. Made in India.
A promise is a promise', said Ratan Tata unveiling the 'People's Car' which would have a dealer price of Rs 1 lakh only (1000$).

6. Laxmi, the girl with eight limbs, November 2007

Lakshmi, a two-year-old girl with eight limbs, successfully came out of a 40-hour long complicated surgery that separated her from her 'parasitic conjoined twin'. A team of over 30 neurosurgeons successfully operated on Lakshmi's fused spine. A chapter which will be written in golden words in the medical history...

7. Bobby Jindal elected as the Louisiana governor, October 2007

Bobby Jindal elected as Louisiana governor, is the first Indian-American to win a governor’s race. Some hailed him as the face of "India Shining" and some denounced him as an Oreo Cookie (Black from outside, white inside)

8. Shilpa Shetty, Big Brother and a Kiss

A self-appointed Indian Ambassador. Big Brother (message against racism??...sigh), Richard Gere kiss, to breaking marriages, she was in the news and so was India. She even visited the Brit Parliament. Phew...

9. Maharishi

"Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, introduced transcendental meditation to the West and gained fame in the 1960s as the spiritual guru to the Beatles. The Maharishi originated the transcendental meditation movement in 1957 and brought it to the United States in 1959. Known as TM, a trademark, the technique consists of closing one’s eyes twice a day for 20 minutes while silently repeating a mantra to gain deep relaxation, eliminate stress, promote good health and attain clear thinking and inner fulfillment. Classes now cost $2,500 for a five-day session..."
- NY

10. Bhopal Gas Tragedy - picture by Raghu Rai

"Burial of an unknown child. This unknown child has become the icon of the world's worst industrial disaster, caused by the US multinational chemical company, Union Carbide" -
Outlook photo essay.
The struggle still continues...photograph by Raghu Rai

I will continue this series later... till then,
keep writing and keep clicking,

~ B


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I'm not sure if the Shilpa and Cricket shots reflect what you want to say but then you have your reasons. And I don't watch cricket.

Thank you for your comments. Are you in Bangalore now? If yes, we could meet up and go clicking one morning. Shivajinagar and City Market areas are very good for photowalking. :)


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saale.. you cant just do all this arty farty stuff. take some nice photos of me and put them up ;-P

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